Today’s Lesson – The Manifold Glories of O’er-ripe Loquats

A report from purloiner-in-chief: something about Loquat Brandy dreaming.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose

Not since my own Japanese Plum (Loquat) fell prey to an over-zealous prune-head (or a freeze at which I was unpresent) have I had the pleasure of enough of the yellow-orange small fruit wrapped in a short fuzz that in no way impedes their perfection – the tastes range from near tooth-hurtingly sweet to well past tart.  But the best are near deep orange in color and speckled – like the best bananas are flecked with brown to go with full yellow, just approaching full-ripe.  Even better are the wizened and prune-withered that escape “The Rot” (more about that noble state later).  The flesh has mummified and crystal joy awaits the first brave to take a taste.  Leathery and yet supple with hidden moist jelly full of Loquat essence made candy.  A slight tinge sometimes of alcohol as the ripe fruit – which somehow escapes the birds and squirrels and…

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