On Tuesday Night’s TrumpTalk

Usually outside the kennel on richwrapepr, but I had so much fun with his review I though I’d share and mayhap cull the lists a little.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry

Such a well-paced, evenly delivered, point-by-point Address to America – not to Congress!  Monday was a setup and caught the wishers fishing a cold stream and by Tuesday eve so said they’d measured their man and knew his stripes.  But from 9 p.m. for ninety minutes Donald John Trump’s talk was way past congress’ paygrade: he took that speech past the guardians of the media’s now-sundered gateways and delivered directly to The People.  He may have out-Ronnied Reagan.  He certainly had ’em writhing in the aisles – perhaps on both sides – and not just once did a democrat or a ne’rTrumper find themselves involuntarily beating their palms before their lying faces.   I watched the parade on independent television – no hope of interruption either by selling soap or soft-soaping a sell – and read the slow and off-beat crawl whilst listening to uninterrupted radio and some few times…

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