On Tuesday Night’s TrumpTalk

Usually outside the kennel on richwrapepr, but I had so much fun with his review I though I’d share and mayhap cull the lists a little.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry

Such a well-paced, evenly delivered, point-by-point Address to America – not to Congress!  Monday was a setup and caught the wishers fishing a cold stream and by Tuesday eve so said they’d measured their man and knew his stripes.  But from 9 p.m. for ninety minutes Donald John Trump’s talk was way past congress’ paygrade: he took that speech past the guardians of the media’s now-sundered gateways and delivered directly to The People.  He may have out-Ronnied Reagan.  He certainly had ’em writhing in the aisles – perhaps on both sides – and not just once did a democrat or a ne’rTrumper find themselves involuntarily beating their palms before their lying faces.   I watched the parade on independent television – no hope of interruption either by selling soap or soft-soaping a sell – and read the slow and off-beat crawl whilst listening to uninterrupted radio and some few times…

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“Best Yet! Next Time I Measure!?” Tanka 463

Hollerbach’s own bought

coarse whole wheat and fine’ry rye

with potato starch!


maple syrup, brown sugar

carroway, sourdough starter!*


*(Hollerbach’s WillowTree Cafe in downtown Sanford, Florida, USA, is a fine example of German home cooking – which much like the same brand of Italian home eats is different from and in many cases far superior to the fine dining of such both regionalized national cuisines – like Mexican and, yes, American as well!

But to complete the bread recipe: Dry yeast and Kosher Salt – added at the beginning of the second rise for the yeast and at the beginning of the third rise for the salt, both from refrigeration spanning near four days. The addition of Bread Flour in the beginning and throughout the kneading processes will be explained anon.  This time I did not dump in cornmeal, but I did add Vital Wheat Gluten and Olive Oil.

The receipt: 2 C +/- rye flour   2 C +/- coarse whole wheat flour  2-3 C sourdough starter

2-4 C Bread flour   1/2 C potato starch 2 TB  Vital Wheat Gluten  1 TB Kosher Salt

1 TB Carraway Seed (1 TB more at final rise) 1/4 C dark or light brown sugar

1/4 C Grade B Maple Syrup 1/4-1/2 C extra virgin olive oil

Mix the flours (2 C increments in the Bread Flour) and starter with potato starch, vital wheat gluten, brown sugar and carraway seeds by hand in a vast stainless steel bowl.  Add bread flour as necessary to complete the kneading for the first rise. Refrigerate – covered – plastic wrap, but I backstop that with a second covered large stainless steel bowl for 12-18 hours or until doubled…sometimes a full 24 hours.  Take out and punch down and rework a few moments with more flour if indicated – and it will – and return to fridge for 12 hours or so – again until doubled.  This time add the dry yeast, olive oil, the maple syrup, adjusting as you like the quantity with more flour and punch down and refold upon itself several times.  Refrigerate 12-18 hours.  Take out: add salt and more carraway seeeds if you like.  Cut off enough for a one-pound +/+ sandwich loaf for a pre-big loaf bake and ensconce in a buttered for olive-oiled 9x5x3-inch loaf pan.  Bake at 375 for 35-45 minutes (the book says. The Book is Wrong!  Use an instant-read themometer.  In my 18-quart Norelco it took an hour +/- to reach 190° Fahrenheit.  The book says 200, but I read books my way, don’t you? Dump and turn over onto a cooling rack.  Takes a good hour to get to temp.  Doesn’t need butter and beware – it’s addictive, with small holes throughout, a nice chewy but firm and 1/8- to 1/4-inch dark brown crust and … you get the picture.  Then the next day or 36 hours or so form a big boule with the remainder flour, again taken out and kneaded with more bread flour if called for, and let sit out to rise over a pizza peel placed with silicon pad or several sheets of parchment paper atop…dust with cornmeal if you like.  slit the boule’s tops in any pattern you like, a cross or three or four long slashes in one direction, each cut a good half-inch deep.  Dust with more flour if you like.  Bake at 425 or so to begin, spraying with a water-mister three times or so each at five-minute intervals.  then reduce heat to 375 and let your nose tell you to go look…take instant read-temp and shoot for 190-200º F range.  Cooling on a big wire rack will take a good two hours.  Someday soon I expect I will try to find the correct grind and amount of cornmeal flour to add to the mix…and then on to other kinds of lours.  I may even experiment with seeds other than carraway.  Who knows?)