2 thoughts on ““Who Keeps Makin’ Lakes?”

  1. Now, Veronica might be a Lake worth making, yet were she corporate. The excellent LA Story ‘spores that concept quite nicely. Now, as to stand closer, Mike, test that ‘phone 1-2-3, I have nothing to amend but this….quit makin’ me fall down and sweepin’ the floor: I have no roomba with which to ride cats and collect their hairballs…the big barely year-old rust-red lady hound that ‘bushes me as I walk downtown today got a mite o’er-happy: even strangling a bark for joy (J?) in its repertoire of small insistent whines with a couple of test-chews of the proffered hand vice the usual licks. I small a small poem here. One centered on my query:will the cats who stop for a nice tail pull to let them front-feet stand with an arched back shin-rub thanks understand? I bow to your superior (intellect?) experiential nature with such questions…will a cat mind if I confess my bi-petualism?


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