Further, He Reports…

Got a good start on whacking the remainders unpub’ed (I hope) and now spent some small time on a few others’ sites and weeded Twitter like the garden it ain’t but should be.  Mayhap the two young men from Holland found the Normal Breakfast for which they searched this morning – and I helped not a whit I am sure, finally suggesting they just go to The Colonial Room and read the menu and then do the same on Sanford Avenue at the Jamaican place – after all the Caribbean was a Dutch Lake a long time ago and were The Spice Islands to Europe before Indonesia, et al. They did walk off to Colonial Room as I packed up to come to the biblioteca for this bout of beat-the-keyboard.

I am sure chores have courted, found a country parson, mated and have produced numerous offspring in my absence: and that does not count “The Dishes!”  Tomorrow supposed to have a windchilll near 90 and Thursday may top that modest March Wurst number.  We chill – it has been alleged – by Friday. Good.  *And yes, that was a reference.

Go do something nice for yourselves real soon now.  It may slop over onto the rest of our shared universe.  I’ll go fetch my bucket.

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