“A Tour of Sanford Eateries For Visiting Young Men from Holland” Tanka 459

Two passing Dutchmen*

ask where’s the breakfast here’bouts?

I misundersat and said:


Jamaican, southern, fancy?

Lunch? The German WillowTree!


*(Me?  I had mine before six a.m.: corned beef hash freshly made from leftover corned beef, cabbage, carrots, onions and potatoes with buttered toast and pineapple preserves with a starter pink grapefruit with a pint of milk besides: but I said I’d prefer cold beer and pizza, but had none to hand.  One young dutchman, the more loquacious of the pair, said in his muchly-accented English: “Oh, no! Just a Normal Breakfast!” So I returned serve: “No beer? My how The House of Orange hath falllen!” That evinced grins.  Then I told them about The Breezeway, Fuel by The Alley Blues Bar for barbecue, the three coffee shops easily walked to from my perch at Magnolia Square in Downtown Sanford, Florida, along with the aforesaid Colonial Room traditional Southern, The Jamaican place on Sanford Avenue between Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe German homemaker’s food and Smiling Bison all set up for luncheon.  I guess they were expecting something else from their impromptu tour guide.  The declined my kind offer to flee this scene for Winter Park or better yet East Mims for pool and beer with retired grove worker buddies from my past and thence on to J.B.’s Fish Camp seafood ramshackle palace on The River just below New Smyrna Beach.  But they had to go to Ocala later today when they got picked up and much later on to Palm Beach for two days.  I resisted mightily the temptation to “Say Hi to Rush for me and maybe you can get Donald J Trump to suggest breakfast places there.” The pair or lads left wondering, I am sure, what happened. I never got to tell them of BeeBee’s and more further down the street or even some of our better dive bars serving liquid bread for breakfast.)

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