“DeadCowParts” Part 2 Tanka 431

Dead Cow parts at rest

‘neath a foil tent: else is fine:

baguette and butter?


Mushroom, shallot, wine, Romaine –

bake two big Russetts: sour cream?*


*(I realized the first try had the steaks in the fridge and that made no sense: must have been the onset of the long cold’s early arrival: so a fortnight later when publishing this I  made amends.  I most always – especially when dining on dead cow – when alone back two big Irish potatoes, cut along the horizontal poles to let steam escape on the one I want to eat now and cut on top-n-bottoms of the one I want to reserve – because I take it out early and let cool to reserve en-fridge so to say, for lalter frying with skins, of course!, for a breakfast of luncheon, especially with leftover steak seving as either bacon or bacon on top of a mountainous salad. The sauce for the steak included sweet onions and garlic in butter and drippings to go with the mushrooms – buttons actually when showing just a bit of dark gill are so much more flavorful than those expensive dreadful things hanging around week-in-and-week-out either fresh so called or dry named shiitake, portabella – just a crimini or a brown button grown mature – and priced accordingly too!, to go with a couple of tablespoons of minced shallots then wine to reduce with a butter finish.  ‘Scuse: gotta go wipe the drool off the keyboard. The potato gets minced fresh-form-the-garden chives – often with blossoms! – and without saying of course more butter to go with the sour cream.  I save the skin and rebutter and recream and fold into a taco and enjoy all the while thinking my cardiologist must be having a heart attack over this – that is if I had one.)

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