A Further Report From BedSick’s Edges:

And, then, I looked past what I had thought proper and found pages and pages of un-checked off workings and wordings and had but a few seconds time to go visit Bruce and Yassy and say Phoebe and just too many others: Monday’s coming and I promise to sit on my hands all weekend long and watch college basketball and slather butter with popcorn and (as currently I am just started…but this time with a pen to make margin(al) notations) reread Robert Anson Heinlein’s Number of The Beast to help keep my lot salted for a bit.  Be well all and this Taste of Spring, despite La Niña’s Promise, I believe in Near-Easter freezes like some think Tinker Bell Will Be Back.  I have folded the yard-blankets, quilts and coverings, but they remain stacked outside the room in which they hide nine, ten months a year.  See Y’all Monday.

5 thoughts on “A Further Report From BedSick’s Edges:

    • Something about lunch with a clock…or was that a croc? Or a crock-born clock? You know more about flightly birds than I, I believe (but without conviction or evidence even). Ain’t deflection grand? I-ose at least. I go not to play smithwordly si vous plait.


    • But I so enjoy my ill – can’t say much for sick’s opposite since so rarely have I so encountered, except when mine own mirror so fools me. I’ do chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – but for others and my manifold universes who I seem to believe better could use the attention. I have ginger, grapefruit, garlic, and a buncha other letters besides. What? Me? Self? I have a custom Ary? Is that where bees keep Apes – thems as have but little hair – in which case I unqualify?


  1. Just re-read Further Report so as to capture Bruce Jewett’s trenchant remark. This one mentions not Tinker Bell’s absence, so it must be the udder won. Ho, well. I turn my back to the slat minds and bend instead to a further search so I shall not step on a slight tinke(r)l.


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