“Mi Corrida” Tanka 251

I stand off a bit:

stopsigh(n)* scofflaw blows right past –

black-n-yellow bull!


The “red ears” on the mean car

side-views tilted upwardsly!


*(As discussed in the haiku addendum: all such scofflawed stop signs henceforwardly will be named “StopSigh(n)s” in keeping with my modern means of making HaingLush undrinkably innerstandubal! The little zoomie car is cute as a button, its burro-ears – on a bull no less! – most fetching, but the owner of the criminal kid incarcerated in the opposite-my-garden so-called school which I attended when it was a junior high of three interminable years – 6-7-8-9! – should be forced to change places with the incumbent inmate and mayhap a class entombed called Manners Whilst Driving! made mandatory.  Just a Suggest!)

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