*(just a short note)

I remain still weak but chemistry confounds histamines and I did manage to unshake a lot of loose linen from the crusty cobwebs below my mane though now I tire and yearn from afar a saner breakfast than just grapefruit at 4:30 this morning and we have possibly heavy weather coming tomorrow – and in hopes of having the withalls wherein I may enjoy such an outside saunter towndownwardsly – I shall carry a flogging umbrella – respelled because Shit was taken when it came time to name “Golf” and finish the transcription games and swim through the ether again.  I have much to discover: from H. R. McMasters(spelling possibly improbable)’ University of North Carolina Thesis – as it relates to a failed strategy in Vietnam – and subsequent writings from the retired Army 3-Star; relocating The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis and a possible re-reading of his That Hideous Strength as I pursue other pieces of pleasurable paper-turning exercises.  Cucumber seeds to sew; more hot peppers to be  seeded, a whole wheat-n-rye boule to begin shaping and maybe even a movie or two playing on my eyelid theatre.  Y’all be good, c’hear!

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  1. Good even great to hear we still share this mortal coil. You sound in your usual stunning form, been busy but plan on giving dereliction of duty a read. never thought to see so much acclaim for a Trump pick and I am gladdened. Stay loquacious, eat loquats.

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    • Aside from mine hown loquats I have found fond pilferage throughout Snaffurd. They make excellent jams (though I suspect the fruit is not hard enough when ripe to fulfill promise as a preserve – I have heard only in that they somehow mysteriously disappear from pockets rescued-from-trash plastic grocery bags before I can make it to a kitchen so-equippaged for the conversion (which I presume means several years of chatechism (sp?) classes, foreswearance and such, not to mention pectin…enow! no more alien-ness I shall drip juice into my chinhairs for later suppage as strained fruit. I had that fear, three, good Bruce, that my coil(s) were assumderingly come, but then I remembered my ‘stash of LoHanKhuo Chinese herbal teamix said to drain sinus and encourage mucus to flegmishness easily disposed in washable bandannas or – gulp – swallered to repeat the wheel when in polite company that does not ken other mores (or morays or even MoreRays! ) and finally broke down and took some antihistamines (24-hour oncies kind) for three days: all, I assure you, so as not to spread what I was gratified to know was OutFlueNotInza and just an uncommon and feisty cohd. ChooAh! You Corporate! And that pleases me. I have yet a few more hofferings to transcribe and perhaps later this week will get to the final four hours of Hill 25 on December 10 (as it happened and not The Ninth asit began). Just informed yestidaze we have three gopherus polyphemus location projects on tap in the next few weeks – just in time for a turn to winter, one suspects, but for the nonce must I endure windchills approaching 90-degrees Fahrenheit! Oh, woe. Mayhap enough lucre accumulation to make choice to refurbish the Canon EOS or buy a similarly”unbroke” (don’t you just find the term “fixed” misnomerish when it comes to hair, dogs and cats, and ‘puters, of course? Be well you worship and continue keeping The View Mountainly longing for its own beach – or wetterly worse! J


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