*(just a short note)

I remain still weak but chemistry confounds histamines and I did manage to unshake a lot of loose linen from the crusty cobwebs below my mane though now I tire and yearn from afar a saner breakfast than just grapefruit at 4:30 this morning and we have possibly heavy weather coming tomorrow – and in hopes of having the withalls wherein I may enjoy such an outside saunter towndownwardsly – I shall carry a flogging umbrella – respelled because Shit was taken when it came time to name “Golf” and finish the transcription games and swim through the ether again.  I have much to discover: from H. R. McMasters(spelling possibly improbable)’ University of North Carolina Thesis – as it relates to a failed strategy in Vietnam – and subsequent writings from the retired Army 3-Star; relocating The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis and a possible re-reading of his That Hideous Strength as I pursue other pieces of pleasurable paper-turning exercises.  Cucumber seeds to sew; more hot peppers to be  seeded, a whole wheat-n-rye boule to begin shaping and maybe even a movie or two playing on my eyelid theatre.  Y’all be good, c’hear!