“Mistletoe Bunch Now* Safe”

mistletoe in oak

safe from ‘kissing season’

but not spring windstorms


*(The tall White Oak on the corner is full of highly placed mistletoe symbiotes at best or parasites at worst, and now that Christmas and New Years are done are not so much in demand, besides shooting those prized balls of stuff out of their high perches by a .22 rifle might well get me jailed since it is inside city limits, not to mention a middle shcool nearby offers the best ‘angle of attack.’  My younger brother and I would make top-dollar climbing local Sanford, Florida trees in the late 1950s and ’60s, hauling away boughs of the stuff for sale downtown and built a steady clientele over the years.  Why is mistletoe safe now, what with Valentine’s Day so near?  Probably the chocolate and roses serve substitute, you think? Besides, I’d just eat the chocolate and give my mother a rose bush instead.)

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