3 thoughts on ““Last Night’s Wardrobe-Change”

    • Ohhhh, pun on my little brudders name! Really good enough to make me want to dream up a stinker of my own in reply. Actually, most of the 10 or 11 tornado warnings were well-off the mark – three or four miles the closest…and most were “radar-indicated” as opposed to actually giged-a-whirl! But that’s all hyper boles in the wastub. Had what I felt a real fine morning in the chilling air, freaking neighbors and such all bundled before the coming ice hage in my cutoffs and mystical tee shirt extolling Sparkman’s Vegetable Farm. Gonna soon uptown trek to sew what reaped into the salad bowl and then see about something fishy to broil outside over some nice new windfallen oak, all smoky and such…wrap fish in fresh-plucked avocado leaves? Add red-ruffletop turnip babies and (this time I remember the name!) Swiss Chard and Kale juveniles to the bowl of greens to include red and green oak leaf lettuces and the usual suspect berg-o’-ice and romaine…cut on bias thin celery and carrot and red radish, several hues of sweet pepper, green and red and sweet onions and herbs…’scuse: gotta go swaller some saliva!

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      • forgot the rescued cucumber…soon I start my own series of pickling and slicing cukes in small pots to await and early March transplanting to vine their way into and around and over the bluetip palmetto (which begs for a new pruning but it will have to wait until the snow peas peter out…why, if they keep that up I just may turn them in as nex-offenders…sorry: the perrible tun you turned at me flung back from here. Gotta feeling I need to rock shrimp salad soon…will post that recipe less recently than Wednesday: Tuesday I commit maturity (chores) without chortles. Should be a civilized simple society to prevent chores and other curs from anklebiting and such. Be well. Do that and happy takes care of itself.


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