“Cut It Shorter”

Gonna cut this session short: the veggie Sanford Saturday Magnolia Square Farmers’ (mostly misnomer but some true outta-the-local-fields) Market looked fine coming in and I need ‘nuther cuke for today’s salad…snow peas demand, donchaknow, and the $1 grow-yer-own herbs guy has a few nice bittids I can substitue beer-cash for and just remembered Univ.ofFlorida-plays-Vanderbilt in men’s basketball at noon…a religious obligation of some merit.

On a less nice note – though I continue to celebrate the un-kneeling of Colin Kaepernick(sp?) of the unlamented SanFranFoolish 51ers (earned for going two more paces out-of-bounds- but I digress and so will no more now).  I sunday celebrate the two conference championship National Football League games by watching and imbibing and ingesting – specially made Jaimica tea with fresh-squoze tangelo juice with a smidge of equally fresh-squoze key lime juice and  a dollop of rum to give any surviving bugs a headache at least before beginning low unholy weeks leading up to the slooperbowl (sans flush handle).  The World’s Longest-Lasting PreGame party.  Will not make my livingroom-famous pinto-n-blackbean (many amends!) dip nor my Florida avocado dip to further deplete the world’s supply of freshly-ovenfried tortilla strips to go with the usual pigskin communion accomplices beer and popcorn…the latter known as man’s most bestest means of delivering butter to the body., at least until just before kickoff that last time for a year.  Ya’ll enjoy, now!