“Larry Estrada’s Pun-ctuation”

Larry Estrada*

asked “¡¿ E Clampus Y Vidas!?”

between fulsome breaths.


*(Larry, one of two welcome newcomers to our patch of paradise at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station in the Summer of 1969 on Oahu, Hawaii, added the iconic phrase in specially warped SpIngles-Latin as Bruce Jewett, Roger Goss and I were twising words into headlines at the Kay-Bay Windward Marine base newspaper one payless Saturday at Kaneohe Bay on the Windward side of that gem of the Pacific.  Bruce, decades later, informs me Larry lives and teaches college in either Oregon or Washington.)

4 thoughts on ““Larry Estrada’s Pun-ctuation”

    • Ranks right up there with bowl-passing in the lower boughs of a banyan just below the Rainbow U campus in Honolulu, near the Magic Mushroom pizza parlor where they’d put on your pie the oregano of your choice.

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    • Thanks for the last name: I knew it was Jim…he was a very bright ‘un with a desert-wit and a thrashingly good chess player. I shall so amend the record your lordship!


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