2 thoughts on ““La Nina Year Spring”

  1. I have mesclun mix, carrots of several stripes, rainbow and red and green (dang! my-himers forgot the name of the romaine-like bitter green), spinach, cucumbers and other kinds of melons both spring and winter (hard) and of course another several kinds of radish all ready to go in before, during and after the next few weeks as I beer and popcorn my way through the coming feetsbull ‘stravagander – now that Colin-The-Kneeler and his ilk no longer trouble the Star Spangled Banner, which network TV execs not allow showing, Making black-n-pinto bean dip with red onion, garlic, shallots, sour cream, grape tomato dice with both cilantro and flat-leaf parsley and Mexican sausage (Hah! Chorizo – my me-himers gone!) and a guacamole of Florida avocado, grapetomatoe dice, red and sweet onion dice, cilantro and parsley, key lime juice and sour cream to compete with the usual popcorned melted butter…Cut up freshly made corn tortillas for a fry-bake (spritz with olive oil and roast in oven vice frying in veg-oil) with a salt-n-pepper, chili-powder dusting and a key lime squeeze). Hot Dogs are too time consuming and thus they are relegated to non-religious holidays like Conference Championships and Super Bowls…and, of course, I never used Roman Numerals either in my sports writing days or now. Still unremember the first forgotten veg, Yassy. Gonna go now and pre-soak some seed packets. Will see you tomorrey I hopes!


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