“Dateless In January No More!”

Blame the new cell phone:

Got the year right before March*

Often I go dateless!


*(Just noticed in the notebook of scribbles I still have this year’s new entries marked – for example, 1-1-16 or 1-16-16 – instead of the year 2017 with last year’s date.  Then I began checking the dates (days and their number in the monthly maneuver towards 28, 29, 30 or 31, or even their names long have eluded me as a muchly worthless consideration…I mean, after all, it is daylight – or nighttime – so why must I find “The Time” and correspondingly “The Day” or “The Date?”  But the new cell so easily displays date, including month and year and the time that I began using the year “17” in my postings to the notebook and now know it’s not Wednesday nor is it The Nineteenth.  Fascinating!  Usually I make it to Friday before I get the day’s name right, and often not until near early March do I get the month right.  About that pesky year: call me in late August.  I have missed a multitude of personal birthdays because of this.  It is not a quirk.  It is an establishment of order amidst a universe bent on parsing each milli- or nano- or any other slicing of time you desire to cite.  Besides, I like Beer-n-Pizza at breakfast and last night had scrambled eggs, bacon, sliced-friend boiled potatoes, toast and preserves with milk for supper. I missed lunch: planting onions between scribbling in the notebook.  That’s when I realized it wasn’t 1-16-16 anymore – if ever – and was 1-18-17.  How could I have missed 1-17-17.  Another celebration gone astray! About the haiku: I used March instead of August – literary license, donchaknow?  Besides: Isn’t March just before September?)

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    • The Date in question, my dearest Yassy, was in reference to getting the Day, Date (including month and year) right, but I take your point. Been a bit of a lapse in formalized Dating…though I do get roped into some dance-time at the local blues hangout and have the occasional coffee-tea-me times…

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