Been There, Seen Them Swoon: got Levis back to Junior High daze pre-1962! But no one will get their grubbies on my 501s! From waist size 26 up to 44, though 32-36 abounds in both button- and zipper-fly. The knee rips. The older cutoffs (just below the pocket patches) beat the hell outtta these modern “shorts” that kiss my knobbly knees! During Cold War I heard some Soviets paid up to $300 for some religious Levis!

high school girls
gaze in envy
my torn, faded jeans

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“Larry Estrada’s Pun-ctuation”

Larry Estrada*

asked “¡¿ E Clampus Y Vidas!?”

between fulsome breaths.


*(Larry, one of two welcome newcomers to our patch of paradise at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station in the Summer of 1969 on Oahu, Hawaii, added the iconic phrase in specially warped SpIngles-Latin as Bruce Jewett, Roger Goss and I were twising words into headlines at the Kay-Bay Windward Marine base newspaper one payless Saturday at Kaneohe Bay on the Windward side of that gem of the Pacific.  Bruce, decades later, informs me Larry lives and teaches college in either Oregon or Washington.)