“Yassy Palindromes Properly”

A Palindrome Poem Like murdrum, seities are lost Pullup of life, struggle to live Denned life of misfortune Income I eke, meagre paycheck Survive I everyday On succus, water and bread loaf I search in my pocket for halalah Forever thirsty and hungry Hungry and thirsty forever For halalah in my pocket I search Everyday […]

via My One Square Meal — yaskhan

2 thoughts on ““Yassy Palindromes Properly”

    • See reply to yer posting just above this on “Except for deficiencies…” I resemble that remark, btw. We never discuss, just cuss instead, my deficiencies. The mirror, as a matter of great longsufferingness and unbounded charity, grants me that boon.


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