2 thoughts on ““The Fountain At Magnolia Square”

    • ‘syourn! Very kind of you to say: I rather was a bit pleased. And this morning the broken balls (9-inch diameter) decorating the 30-foot ball sappy-starred artificial fir at Square’s South End were found semi-submerged in the middle-fountain-step – when I get my remembers back I will post pic of said fountain – and doing CSS Hunley-duty ‘neath the bottom of said pool with enough coinage to convince there be fools here. One might suggest setting up a stand: Change (80-cents) for you dollar with which to toss into the wishing pond! And after each day a bit of wet-dry and then a slight ‘salting’ of the next morning’s pool and back in biddness…Somehow I gotta remember which oak downhere I use for rubbing the old cynicism off so I can crust up some new!


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