“What!? No Nutmeg?!”

bake ‘sorted apples:

maple, butter, and tree-bark:

salt, sugar and rum!*


*(First, I have to grind the cinnamon sticks and then mini-cut the bottom so apples stand up straight in their covered casserole bath, stuffing topped and cored Appleseed Johnnies with a dash of Grade 2 – darker and more flavorful – maple syrup, butter and cinnamon hints, re-head said beauties of several varities {this is an experiment after all} and liberally coat the bottom of the corningware dish with more maple and a better-than-drizzle of rum before covering with a clear glass topper and oven-it at 350° Fahrenheit or so until the smell insists it is done. A sprinkle of Kosher salt to the stuffing – either mixed en mass or individually, will bring out the sweets so much better…as a ‘nother ‘speriment: try freshly ground black pepper on a canteloupe or really stunning on some just cleaned naked strawberries…and better yet be so attired when trying said berry with beauty!)

2 thoughts on ““What!? No Nutmeg?!”

    • My mom’s mother did the Jewish cooking and I’ve a few of her recipes. I also have Lutheran Swedish/Danish smorgasboard(sp?) offerings from church, and my time in Buddhist countries’ belly-offerings brings further to the mix. My older brother Glenn does the fishing gifiltes et al., and my younger brother Storm hoovers most anything, especially ‘spensive and/or exotic. He eats few herbs, detests rosemary and has little love for garlic leaves…sad child…I Hear His Brother J beat him mercilessly as a child … up until last week, at least.

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