“Upon Re-entering George’s #1 Bar*”

I go into George’s

and see Ron Jones’ smile despite

all the ‘new’ changes!


*(The Late Ron Jones married my neighborhood’s sweetheart, Jean Henson, and the grin that good ol’e boy shone on the world never left his face.  I had not seen him in ages and one day some few years ago I was walking downtown and this strange pickup-kinda truck pulls up, the tinted window goes down and I was blinded by that smile once again.  “Got time for a beer, buddy,” he grinned.  “Yup.” And off we went to where I used to go hide – George’s #1 Bar on US 17-92, right catty-corner across from the Sanford Farmer’s Market, a onetime haunt of Ron’s and his Father-in-Law Berl.  The people in that down-at-the-mouth dump/dive went wild!  I don’t to this day know anyone who did not love that man: ask his two daughters or his still-grin-shining wife Jean.  His memory hurts my cheeks for hours afterwards.)