“Homeless Mattie”

homeless mattie comes

down the street glacially slow,

makeshift* cart in-tow

*(Glad I caught that missing ‘f’ in “makeshift cart in tow” last line.  But I will keep that wonderword in storage for a different work…and, no, I won’t tell dear doddering old Mattie, who calls to me “Mister J, you got any Pepsi for poor old Mattie?” And always I say “no. Have a chef’s salad just made, a seat in the shade and a nice warm hibiscus tea instead.”  Mattie has two factories manufacturing her horrid luck and both have put on three shifts to accommodate her needs.  Her “laundry” cart lost a wheel some months ago, so she tows behind her a telescoping-handled small luggage device instead.  She has forgotten – or forgiven – my insistence she bring the old cart by and I will try to salvage her missing motive element.  I recall still the miscreant who introduced me to Miss Mattie – who used to be in her family’s employ. Two boiled eggs – with bacon – in her salad tomorrow should she come by, shuffling ever so increasingly slow.)