“Making City Benches Unsleepable”

halfway bars* – benches

designed to keep urban outdoorsmen

awake in downtown


*(instead of full width un-apportioned city benches lining downtown Sanford, Florida, USA streetscapes – and Magnolia Square, a parkline place of cobble-brick charm and Christmasy cheer – there now are halfway bars, separating a whole bench into portions making a full stretch out for a quick nap or an overnight sleep near impossible.  Already, the public restroom at the Marina has been assigned to the pizza place – and with good reason, apparently.  Azaleas ripped from a 70-year service at Centennial Park just four blocks from First Street and facing a row of old established churches, seem to say: Homeless Not Happenin’ Here.  We took easily accessible homeless services offices from a central location and scattered them willy-nilly throughout the northern end of Seminole County, some no longer in Sanford entire, and say that is to make things more efficient.  For whom?  There is no place in Sanford on a bus route where a person my purchase a week- or month-long bus pass of which I know, though there remain still, I suspect, a few sinister business people about town who purchase the often-scamming themselves homeless their benefits cads for half price to make the ready transitiion to drugs or alcohol.  One I knew well said she give her “clients” $5 a day (none on weekends) for their smokes and their cheap liquid – since they often ran risks of loss or theft in their “camps” and on the whole, on a four-week month stood to “make” better than a hundred bucks on the exchange…a five-weeker, of course reduced the take.)