“My Bruce-ish Friend A Fiend”

Friend Feign Fiend* Bruce Clay

knows I cannot resist toil

in his word vinyard!


*(Originally typed “Feign Friend Fiend…” and thought some might think the man feigns friendship: further from the case could not be.  But He handed me a bucket with no holes and said please catch me some flutterbys in thirty seconds.  So I haffta go steal som honey for which to entice the flitterers.  Will drink me to drive, I tells ya!)

“Tet-a-Tet With Pat Story”

Wait until your tykes

turn fourteen and they hate you

before you change.*


*(Christmas decorations, that is: Pat and his fetching wife Kendall joined the rest of 14th Street in its traditional lighted Candy Cane Christmas streetscape decoration allowing their yard that stretches well past the Elm Avenue terminus as the two-block wide Sanford, Florida mini-street lights up its nighttime with a simple, joyous view of both sides of that short stretch of old, stately Live Oak-lined hilltop street that overlooks much of Sanford’s Historic District with an understated charm that I find refreshingly seasonal.  The canes are nine-inch or so diameter PVC piping with an elbow-bend for verisimilitude and are wrapped with colored lights which get emplaced just past Thanksgiving and give light to the night into January.  Then they go back quietly into storage for the next year.  One holdout house (though not technically in the consortium due to its being beyond Elm entire, would complete the set, but that is not in the offing at present.  Too bad.  It is the two-plus story gabled rambling affair that just about matches Patrick-n-Kendall’s long yard.  Their kids have some wonderful people in charge.)