She wore Black.

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Working Title

Girls have a role they say

Walk and talk

Just don’t go that way

Where things are beyond your reach

Don’t you dare preach.

Sit straight,

Be a lady.

Be soft petals

Be gentle

Have grace.

Silly girl,

What else do you need?

All other views

Are just too crude

Don’t you dare be a prude.

Funny girl,

Laugh at his jokes

Crack the ones

That please the blokes.

Don’t you poke

Into things that you don’t know

Remember the ways of

The female folk.

Here’s a toast to those

Rare maidens

That fought for their rights

And had a voice for their plight

Stood high

Walked tall

Why should they fall

At the feet of society

And beg;

Here’s to the Meg’s

To the Daisy’s

That found a place

Among the crowd

Now where are you little women?

Come. Take a stand

Be equal with a man.

Wear that…

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Embrace it — Welcome to Tayoloye’s blog

I’ve heard people say, child don’t grow, Its a trap! don’t grow. But I say, child grow if you keep on hiding the trap will eventually get you we all have to grow, we all have to get into another stage. There’s a nostalgic feeling that comes, knowing you have to stand without help, don’t […]

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“This Pastel Morning” Tanka 355

This pastel morning

the cotton flocks graze across

a pale blue pasture.


Their undershot gray bellies

o’erpowered by golden fleece.

Tips from a Web Designer: On Widgets, Themes, and Essential Tools

The Blog

Web and marketing designer Matt Sweeny builds websites on for a range of clients, including a landscape and design service, a cheese company at holiday markets, a public relations firm for toy manufacturers and retailers, and an indie folk band.

Here, Matt shares a bit about how — and why — he uses, offering quick tips on building a homepage, finding a theme, and using widgets.

What, to you, are the essential elements of a homepage?

A homepage should have:

  • a kick-ass design
  • a title or branding logo to identify the website immediately
  • text that describes the purpose of the website (which is important so the site shows up in search results)
  • a place for visitors to search the site’s content
  • a menu or navigation to other pages on the site (including links to terms and privacy if it’s a commercial website)
  • a form where visitors can…

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Fifty-Word Review: Greenhouses, Lighthouses by Tung-Hui Hu — O at the Edges – robert okaji delivers a 50-word tease and I will look into this.

Tung-Hui Hu’s Greenhouses, Lighthouses highlights lyrical precision in poems that bounce between such diverse launching points as photographic sequences, Euripedes, union slogans, woodcuts and even an historical seaman’s guide. His language placates and challenges, whispers, cajoles and insinuates, and overflows with layered possibilities and nuance. You must read his work. This first appeared in January […]

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