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  1. Watching Lidia Bastianich (sp?) on Create last night and she dumped in unsqueezed zucchini in a cheesy-concoction meant for stuffing either pasta (yes, it was late and I was drooping) but the idea of unsquoze squash – with the concomitant decrease in other liquid intrigued.

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    • Actually, yes, Kimberly Ann, but then I pray regularly at the church of Jacques Pepin et. al. The trick of using un-squoze shredded cucchini from Lidia Bastianich(sp?) in a stuffing mix was new. Not behind, perhaps just pointing the peeler – or knife – in other directions. I have been cutting up zukes and crooknecks into my salads, both composed and possed and in rounds of juliennes for decades…when slapped down besides radishes, red onions and multi-hued peppers, the visuals of oil-cured olives and suchlike makes the devourment of same seem almost hedonistically funsome! Enjoying my visits to your cookbook.


  2. A perhaps not-so-final thought on Zucchini Salad: Over a bed of perhaps Boston or buttercrunch lettuce, do the ribbon-slicing thing with a new serrated-blade peeler of both ‘zukes’ and straight-neck yellow squash, take a cucumber-unwaxed and do the same thing but then fold over in half lengthwise and with your sharpest available knife cut into eighth-inch ribbons and twirl like spaghetti for a centerpiece in a composed salad. Take a large – and long – carrot and ribbon-cut it as well and then blanch (and then ice-bath) well in just-boiling water until the strips are going limp but still retain some al dente characteristics. Treat as with the cukes and make again another haystack twirl. The same haystacks of zucchini and yellow squash complete the major points in the mountain range. Julienne several red and white radishes for texture and space, the same with oil-cured black olives (pitted). half-moons (from either pole) or red and/or sweet onions and green onion longstrips turned julienne, are without question an ingredient. Do the blanch thing with kohlrabi if you like – the sweet yet potatolike taste with apple hints adds to any salad in either rounds or julienne. Hard-cooked eggs, Chicken, ham, cheeses, beef, pork: all may pray at this simple church. Pumpkin seeds? Why not? Raisins? Como no? You have me convicted: I like more is more in some salads-as-meals and I really do like to Play With My Food. A dressing of just-made-into jaimica (dried hibiscus flower tea) before dilution into agua fesca, with some of the flowers thrown in the blender with orang juice concentrate, honey, a couple of frozen strawberries, sherry or red wine vinegar s&p and a nice fruity olive oil, the latter three after the blending. Please ‘scuese: I gotta go rummage through the veg big after of course I find a handy bathtowel to get the drool off.


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