wife is going into labor

Worthy of our own Steve Johnson!

Joke for today

A couple are rushing into the hospital because the wife is going into labour.
As they walk, a doctor says to them that he has invented a machine that splits the pain between the mother and father.
They agree to it and are led into a room where they get hooked up to the machine.
The doctor starts it off at 20% split towards the father.
The wife says, “Oh, that’s actually better.”

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Tri-haiku XV (Tuesday)

Very clever, solid graphics. Sometimes you just have
to ride them ponies
where they want to go.

Poet's Corner

Tuesdays come and go
This one similar to most
apart from the sun

Exuding brightness
at sunrise today it smiled
with something of Spring

As if to announce
a greeting, ‘Hello Tuesday’
With sun I am here

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Jumping Arbor Day and EarthDay both but caught my the careful calendar-watchers, one for fresh tender bark and leaves and another to get a wing up on the neighborhood rental-brokerbird. Mindful now that I have yellow and red pear tomato seedlings ready to sprout flowers soonerishly and a long list of chardengores before I settle down to concoct a thigh-of-turkeyquesadilla after of course I roast said thighs one of which may fall off onto a hungry plate whilst the compost gets turned into the South Forty for okra, beans the like.

Cat Nap Revue

planting a sapling
deer and jays welcome
the new arrival

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You rolle your do admirably. Whatsaythecritics? I have a feeling this’un will be a family favorite…in a century or so and will help explain why “so-and-so” goes all weird with that quirky smirksmile. Glad I went back and fourn ’22’ when I realize one had slipped out a side door, smiling.

Cat Nap Revue

family vid-chats
grandma does all the talking
I do weird faces

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measured mundane made/
meaningful minding mantra:/
makelight more mornings /
But what I wanted to applaud was the aural device turning visual after, presumably, a laying on of hands by the eternal trashman who delivers far more than Reggie Jackson ever promised.

Cat Nap Revue

trash bins trundled out
rumble into the sunrise
returns full of light

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I had thought I’d seen this’un earlier but went back anyway. AhhhYass! That time of year when any may apply and employ a sidewat car-catcher come taxtime. My first – no, second (line) thought was about “bet this is about a crossdresser” one wayward eye gleaned from the windup. Another sterling example why you master.

Cat Nap Revue

sidewalk sign dancing
dressed as Lady Liberty
grizzled, white haired man

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